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Taking appropriate measures to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer is always the best defense.

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Early assessment and detection is critical for any cancer diagnosis. We will assess your individual risk factors to determine your screening needs.

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We use state-of-the art treatment procedures including Mohs micrographic surgery.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a precise surgical technique for removing skin cancer. It's performed on a microscopic level, so the surgeon is able to remove a tumor completely while preserving as much normal tissue as possible.


Dr. Lapiere is the best dermatologist I have ever had, and I have tried a number out in the city.  I no longer live in Chicago and still fly back to see him which should be a testament in and of itself.  I have had skin cancer twice and Dr. Lapiere was kind, gentle and had a great sense of humor throughout the entire process of getting it taken care of.  I have no visible scar after the Mohs - this is huge.  On top of it his staff, particularly his nurses, are kind and friendly and remember you from visit to visit. He is truly the best.

Reis D.
YELP ★★★★★

Dr. Lapiere is THE nicest, most personable, most skillful doctor I have ever been to.  His nurse was equally as excellent.  Look no further for a dermatologist who knows his stuff.  The best!!!

Cindy S.
YELP ★★★★★

I was diagnosed with a Squamous Cell Carcinoma on the bridge of my nose.  I met with Dr. Ashourian who thoroughly and compassionately explained what had to be done and how they do it and answered all of my questions.  I had the experience of a MMS or MOHs procedure yesterday.  I do not think I could ask for a better treatment as handled by every single person in the the office, and I mean everybody.  The actual procedure is a little time consuming, but I no longer have cancer on my face and well worth every minute.  My visit was one that staffs practice for, I will not go into details but when called upon EVERY person acted professionally and again, I must say, with compassion.  Time will tell how the results turn out but I am confident and positive about the work these professionals do and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Larry K.
YELP ★★★★★

Dr. Ashourian is very very fast but never misses a thing, especially areas that I didn't know were a concern. The wait is never very long. I prefer a doctor who takes whatever time is needed for issues you bring in that you didn't schedule. She'll fit in the additional work so you don't have to come back. Much better for every patient to have all the time they need and just get backed up than to say, schedule an appointment and we'll check it out next time. As far as the comments about her being too fast, she is young and I find all young doctors are like all young people, they move fast and talk fast. She's equally as competent though as anyone older.

Denise R.
YELP ★★★★★